Android File Manager APK 2023 latest version 2.7.8

Android File Manager APK latest version 2.7.8 gives you the most beautiful experience in the world of this software. Ready to Download? In this post, you can check all the updated content of the file manager and download the latest File Manager 2023 app for free. This will improve your app experience. 

File managers and users of one of the most popular programs of the moment can enjoy an unprecedented level of pleasure. Many people often invest a lot of time and money, but still can’t enjoy the best app experience. However, file managers have a sizeable user base, which drives the app’s success. You will find the program more attractive than ever.

Main locations and features of File Manager Plus

You can manage all your files and folders in internal and external storage with main storage, SD card, and USB OTG options. 

  • Download new files, images, audio files, videos, and documents: 
  • Documents and folders are automatically organized by type and properties, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Apps: All apps installed on the local device are displayed and can be managed.
  • Cloud/Remote: You can access both local and remote storage, such as NAS and FTP servers. (Cloud storage options include Yandex, Google DriveTM, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.)
  • Access from PC: You can access your Android smartphone’s memory from your PC via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Storage Analysis: Analyze your local storage to remove unnecessary files. Know which programs and files are taking up the most disk space.

Features of Android File Manager APK 2023

Consistent with APK functionality 

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the Android File Manager APK as you will soon be able to use it correctly. File Manager just turns the premium features into free parts, the usage of the tool is exactly the same as the APK. The latest APK version of File Manager is 2.7.8 and File Manager 2023 has been updated with the latest features. 

Completely Safe

Keep your files safe File Manager 2.7.8 has been rigorously tested before release and File Manager Mod APK is completely safe. To make sure File Manager is completely legal and officially undetectable, we have conducted a very thorough technical check.


This time Android File Manager APK has been completely updated with the above features, so you can enjoy the latest version of the mod right away. At the time of this downloading, the File Manager APK installation is now 100% working with one click.

Download Android File Manager APK

For adventurous and creative people, I think File Manager is ideal. Download now, try it out, and let your imagination run free. If the app has a lot of advantages, try the Android File Manager APK. If you care about fairness, get the APK version instead! 

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